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Accelerate your business in 2016

Triad Startup Lab business accelerator is now accepting applications for the Spring 2016 session scheduled to start March 1st.   The deadline to apply is February 23rd.

 Accepting Applications to the Program

During the 10-week program, startups, early stage and mid-market  companies receive formal training, management assistance, and access to capital sources through networking, workshops, mentorship, coaching, and innovative educational tools.

Triad Startup Lab

The focus of the Triad Startup Lab business accelerator is on rapid growth, and the goal is to sort out all organizational, operational, and strategic difficulties that might be facing a business. The objective is to deliver a holistic business advisory service, often bearing strong resemblance to traditional management consulting practices, but adjusted to fit small and medium sized organizations. The service is delivered over the course of 10 weeks. This is not a business plan writing class, rather it is a program in which entrepreneurs take action and work toward achieving mutually agreed upon goals.

Participating entrepreneurs will create an attractive business concept, build a strong organization behind it, develop lasting client relations, and do so while maintaining profitable operations.

We train entrepreneurs with new tools and techniques they need to take advantage of emerging business opportunities and new trends in product development and marketing.   We bring in expert service providers to engage in hands-on collaborations with our startups.  More than 40 startup companies have participated in Triad Startup Lab in the last two years.

The 10-week accelerator was launched in 2014 by the Greensboro Partnership Entrepreneur Connection and is funded by the City of Greensboro. There is no cost to participate.

Interested companies can learn more and submit an application at F6S – create a login.

Information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Joel Bennett please call or text (336) 327-1186 or email me @

If you need a bit of inspiration, you can see what other Triad Startup Lab Graduates are doing, and then blaze your own trail.

The Triad Startup Lab is based upon the following format in 2016. It is methodology based upon a proven curriculum:

Preliminary screening helps to quickly create an overview of all challenges that are – or may be – on the mind of the entrepreneur. The following are evaluated and addressed:

1.     Businesses concept – Idea, Product Portfolio, Revenue Model, Customer Portfolio, Market Position

2.     Customer relations – Networking, Marketing, Sales & Service, Communications & PR, Branding

3.     Operations – Financials, Funding, Production & Deliveries, IT Systems, Facilities

4.     Organization – Ownership & Board, Employees, Partnerships, Processes, Legal Issues

 The program director and the entrepreneur draw up a summary of how the business is doing and identify the future growth opportunities and obstacles. An action plan is defined and keeps track of the entrepreneur’s decisions and actions.

The Action Plan

The action plan is broken down into both categories and actions. It helps the entrepreneur plan actions for the next 10 weeks, and beyond. It keeps the entrepreneur focused on getting things done and who should do it.


Weekly cohort meetings are scheduled during the course of the program (traditionally 90 minutes on Monday AM) with presentations provided by subject matter experts during these meetings. These SMEs include specialists in the professional fields of IP, Funding, Marketing, and Finance. Additional weekly meetings are scheduled one-on-one with the program director to review the action plan.

All meetings take place at co//ab located at 229 N. Greene Street, Greensboro NC 27401

Written by Joel Bennett

Joel Bennett

I am a strategic thinker, and a tactical doer

Online Portfolio:

Product/Industrial Designer, Inventor, and Creative Graphic Designer who combines Lean Startup methods with marketing strategy and research, visual identity, branding and presentations. I use Design Thinking as a method of exploration and work as a group facilitator with scientists, engineers and business/financial professionals to define and develop new and innovative platforms that result in commercialization.

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