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Cloud lights

A Highlight of the First Four Weeks of Triad Startup Lab

Four weeks have passed after the beginning of the Triad Startup Lab winter 2016 session.  I have enjoyed updating the Triad Startup Lab Website and creating biographies of the founders to be placed on the website, which has afforded me the time to get to know the concepts, ideas and goals of each of the entrepreneurs involved with TSL.

A Meeting at Interpolations Studio with ArtsCarolina

My fellow intern, Stephanie Sacks, and I got the opportunity to meet with Karen and Bob Niemczyk of Cloud lightArtsCarolina at their workspace, Interpolations Studio.  Her concept in the works fuses an artistic rendering of a cloud with the function of an interactive lamp.  Inside the studio, large sculptures of clouds hung from a ceiling trestle, one of them emitting a pleasant sequence of LED’s glowing from within the art piece.  Several other sculptural pieces were on display in the space including a DNA-resembling double-helix and a 3-D cube made of wire, metal tubes, and colored circles.

A European television set sat on a counter with what looked like silly putty pouring out of it.  We would later find that Karen was excited that it might actually work.

A Failed Piece of Advice

We sat down together to discuss and critique her creation.  The first idea I thought helpful was to suggest that she might try to magnetically levitate the cloud, an innovative piece of advice I thought, but unfortunately the technique already exists. To my credit, the aforementioned levitating light that had already been created was now a very successful product.  After my failed first piece of advice, Stephanie and I went on to give several suggestions which Karen and Bob were very receptive to.  The discussion was casual yet focused and by the time we were finished Stephanie and I both felt that we had been useful and contributive.

Getting to See the First Prototype

The meeting was my first experience giving feedback to one of the founders in the Triad Startup Lab and it went very well.  Ideas were shared, suggestions given in a respectful environment that I believe lead to progress for both myself and the founders of ArtsCarolina. A short time later I was fortunate to sit in on a meeting with Karen and Joel Bennett, director of Triad Startup Lab, where Karen unveiled her prototype for the first time, and I was truly impressed.  Even at its first stage of production I was struck by its elegant form and its mesmerizing light display. I’m excited to see how much success Karen and Bob Niemczyk can obtain with their intriguing cloud lamps, and if I was lucky enough to see one of my suggestions make it into the final product, that would be extremely gratifying.

Please check out their work at




Written by Jeremy Hutton

Jeremy Hutton

Computer Science Student at University of Greensboro, intern with Triad Startup Lab

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