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I have been working very hard to develop the design of my Radio Controlled Gliders. It needs to be elegant in order for me to be happy. In the world of Radio Control there are already far too many poor quality products available to the public. My goal is to create a Radio Control Glider that is well designed, enjoyable to fly and fairly priced.

fuseIf a person can purchase one of my planes, go fly it and forget about the stress of the day for a little while I have achieved my goal. Putting a smile on a person’s face every day has always been part of my life so I have brought that to my business plan.

At this point I have an excellent design and I am refining the fabrication process. Part of this fabrication process is deciding how much of the kit will be assembled in my shop and how much the customer will need to do. My goal is do as much as possible while still keeping costs, including shipping to a minimum. I am very excited about this project and the pleased with the progress I have made.

Working through the Triad Startup Lab has enabled me to focus my thoughts and therefore my daily efforts. Joel Bennett, director of Triad Startup Lab, has helped me set goals and these goals keep me pointed in the correct direction. Being held accountable helps to create a sense of responsibility and a drive to succeed. Working through the Triad Startup Lab with the other founders feels very much like a team and I am sure some of us will keep in touch after we complete the program. I plan to attend Slams after the 10 weeks are over and help other start ups where I can.

Written by Paul Phillips

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