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Light and Clouds

Picture the clouds.  The first tentacles of color appear, signaling the rise of the sun.  The colors fade to a brilliant white, only to return in the majesty of sunset.  The colors fade to blue, and moons glow softly lights the cloud in a peaceful hush.

Bring that inside.

Inspiration from Nature

Sunrise awakening the room with an optimistic energy.  Brightwhites lighting the colors of the day.  Evening’s vibrant colors peaking as the sun sets, quieting the world gradually as the colors dim to the softness of starlight at days end.

Cloudi.  Cloud based lighting to brighten your world.

Life in Art

My name is Karen Niemczyk and I am co-founder of ArtsCarolina, Inc.  I work from Interpolations Studio, my art studio here in Greensboro, North Carolina.  In a previous lifetime (less than 10 years ago) I dabbled in pretty much everything.  From chemistry to web design, teaching piano to writing and publishing.  Mostly I played in art.  Again and again I returned to creating, loving the feel of oil paint, the smells of photography, the vision behind my closed eyes – always searching for expression.  Cloud light studioWhen life took me to

Europe to live for a number of years I lived more of my life walking and biking, and in doing so became lost in the skies of the Netherlands, and the light in Sweden.  Rembrandt’s Dutch skies in their complexity mirrored what I saw experienced there daily. The changeable light of Sweden, in its abundance or absence both fascinated and repelled me, but most of all it interested me.  A Swedish MFA brought together my artistic and technical skills. Through new perspectives I began to understand myself, body and soul, in ways I had never before attempted – connecting with the world around me, living differently.  This combination of experiences crashed into me, shifting the basic framework of how I understood the world.  My artwork shifted and grew., where those visions once hung elusively behind closed eyes I have been building my dreams.  I use light as expression.  Cloudi springs from that expression.  Based on a large scale art installation not yet complete, Cloudi has taken me over, obsessed me.  Cloudi is more than just lighting, it is an experience of individual interaction with detailed sun cycles.  Cloudi is quickly growing through its prototypes and is rapidly being fleshed out through artist creation and engineering and designer support.  It will soon be introduced and available through its Kickstarter Campaign.

 My next blog entry will be on the relationship between art and taking part in the entrepreneurship community.  There are paths that tie them, and chasms that separate them.  Where avid reading has provided answers to some of the areas that my background has left me weak in there is nothing like live people, critiquing, assisting, answering questions and generally driving me forward. 

I would like to thank Joel Bennett and the Triad Startup Lab.  I look forward to the next five weeks!

Written by Karen Niemczyk

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