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DL Gliders

Hand Crafted Gliders/Early Stage Startup

DL Gliders is a new startup founded by Paul Phillips, who has years of experience in the Discus Launched Glider market.
“I have always been fascinated with Sailplanes and Gliders. Roughly ten years ago I was introduced to DLG’s or Discus Launch Gliders. Instantly, I was in love with their simplicity and elegance. I had to learn how to build them. There was very little available at that time on constructing them so I spent many years trying different ideas to see what would work. During that time I developed some fabrication techniques that are currently in wide use.”
“What has really separated my planes at DL Gliders from others over the years has been my attention to detail. I spend a great deal of time during the design phase so that the finished plane functions as a cohesive unit as opposed to a collection of parts. This attention to detail has also allowed me to get excellent performance without using the most expensive materials, this has allowed me to keep my pricing lower than many other planes. As a result, my planes have introduced many new pilots to the joys of RC soaring.”

“Currently I am developing a new DLG design that will be both durable and perform well. In many cases those two concepts do not go hand in hand. Through careful selection of materials and being very critical of every fabrication step I believe this is achievable.”

“I encourage people to contact me if they wish to learn more about RC Soaring and even go for a flying lesson.”

Founder: Paul Phillips

Written by Jeremy Hutton

Jeremy Hutton

Computer Science Student at University of Greensboro, intern with Triad Startup Lab