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Artful Creation/Early Stage Startup

Fluffmonger grew from an unexpected hobby and my passion for natural and sustainable living. When I was introduced to sewing a few years ago for a holiday project, I initially didn’t think it was something I would be interested in. Once I realized I could express my humorous side through creating stuffed animals, I knew I had found my calling. I wanted to use materials that were mindful of the environment and the people who produced them, so I chose to use organic materials and to dye the fabric myself using low-impact dyes.” –Jenny Maj

While at the Triad Startup Lab,  Jenny would like to gain insight into the plush toy market with a focus on social responsibility in the industry.  “I need help finding out who my customer is and how to reach them effectively.”

Founder: Jenny Maj

Written by Jeremy Hutton

Jeremy Hutton

Computer Science Student at University of Greensboro, intern with Triad Startup Lab