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Hops and Nuts

Snacks/Early Stage Company

Hops and Nuts started with desire and a passion…well. actually, WANT. For years, we had enjoyed local artisan roasted redskin peanuts at a local watering hole in Greensboro, NC… suddenly they were gone. We traveled, internet trolled and clicked all in hopes of finding a replacement…great ingredients and great taste. Our efforts unearthed the perfect raw product…North Carolina grown peanuts by Jack, our personal peanut farmer. During our biyearly pilgrimage to Ocracoke Island, NC, it all came together…We decided to take these fresh extra large North Carolina redskin peanuts and swaddle them in the best thing on earth- CRAFT BEER! Hops and Nuts Craft Beer Roasted Peanuts were born and quickly became a favorite among beer and peanut lovers across the state.

You see, the beauty of our product is not just the great, innovative flavors and crunch of this healthy snack but in the ability to provide an all local sourced, handcrafted product. Whether it be local craft beers, fresh grown hops and of course, the actual peanuts, North Carolina sits in the epicenter of the craft beer movement in the South!

We offer six different Craft Beer Roasts including: SHUGA Hops, Toasted Amber, SHUGA Heff, Beer Salt Roasted, Peppa Nut and Lager-n-Lime. In addition to our nuts, we also offer Craft Beer Blended Brittle, a not-too-sweet beer blended treat in three flavors: Blonde Heffeweizen, Stormy Chocolate Porter and Spicey Curried Amber.

One taste of our Craft Beer treats and you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

While partnered with Triad Startup Lab, the goal of Hops and Nuts is to tighten systems,  prepare for production transition, establish distribution channels, and capital generation

Founder: Melissa Wallace


Written by Jeremy Hutton

Jeremy Hutton

Computer Science Student at University of Greensboro, intern with Triad Startup Lab