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SUDS Waterless

Service Industry/Early Stage Startup

SUDS Waterless is a mobile waterless detailing service, utilizing sustainable biodegradable products to conserve water usage.  

“We strive to provide universities and surrounding areas with premium sustainable automotive detailing services, while providing students the opportunity to make a difference in their community. The use of biodegradable products for exterior and interior cleaning of cars allows all customers to enjoy our service without the use of water! SUDS saves between 20-120 gallons of water depending on the size of each vehicle. Let us help you, help the environment!”

Larry Long and Robin Moulton of Suds Waterless hope to gain  advanced marketing and operations plans, coaching focused on service development, customer experience, branding, establishing valuation and effective team building. Overall they wish to obtain the education and practical guidance from mentorship to gain necessary skills to launch and grow this amazing company while under the tutelage of the Triad Startup Lab.

Founders:  Larry Long, Robin Moulton, Malcom Moore


Written by Jeremy Hutton

Jeremy Hutton

Computer Science Student at University of Greensboro, intern with Triad Startup Lab