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Over the course of the past six weeks as an intern for Triad Startup Lab, I’ve learned about many different ways to maximize a company’s visibility on the web. Recently, I’ve been pondering how a company’s visibility on the internet can affect their overall profit margin. I’ve also been thinking about how I can apply these concepts to my work. This has led me to explore the world of search engine optimization, and I’ve come to realize that it can have a huge impact on both the startup companies and myself as an individual.


Coming into this internship, I had heard about SEO in passing, but had no real experience with it myself. After receiving a quick blogging and SEO lesson from Joel Bennett, I set off to perform my first SEO check SUDS SEOwhile editing SUDS’ introductory blog post. What I expected to be a straightforward process ended up taking me on a few twists and turns, as I had to choose a keyword from the post itself that could be seamlessly integrated into the title, URL, and meta description. This keyword also had to be something that people would naturally search for using Google, but it had to be unique enough to allow the post to stand out among the results. Ultimately, for this post, I ended using up the keyword ‘SUDS Waterless’ as the blog was about the story of the company’s founding. This keyword was repeated multiple times throughout the post, which meant it yielded good search results. Currently, if you search ‘SUDS Waterless’ on Google, this blog post will be the fourth result.

While choosing the correct keyword to pair with a post is very important, there are many more factors that go into creating a good SEO score. One simple way to increase a post’s score is to add images or graphics to make the post more appealing to users. Adding outbound links to a page will also increase the SEO score as they connect that page to other pages around the web, increasing its overall presence. Links are also a great way to direct traffic to other sites or pages you want visitors to see. This also allows the visitor to engage with the content more, and this could increase the likelihood of a return visit.

Overall, I’ve found SEO to be a very useful tool when trying to create exposure for the companies here at Triad Startup Lab, and I’ve also seen how I can take these skills and apply them to myself in the future. At first, generating a good SEO score took some time, but with a little bit of practice and trial and error, it has easily become one of my go-to tools for maximizing visibility on the web.

Written by Stephanie Sacks

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