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The Power of Video


Just this weekend I was sitting in on a blogging workshop with Joel Bennett at the Triad Startup Lab. The Triad Startup Lab is a local accelerator backed by the Greensboro Partnership. While I learned some very valuable information from the session, what struck me most was how proud Joel was when he showed us this video he had been working on over the weekend.


It was cool to see how excited he was about what he made, but then he pressed the play button. It was crazy. The room went dead silent in a matter of nanoseconds. We were like a bunch of 10 year olds and our parents just turned on the grinch. We were all sucked in by the power of video. While websites are great and blogs certainly reach a good number of people, nothing grabs someones attention like that weird looking triangle.


Thats when it hit me. If I want to get my product in front of people, I need to make a video. So I sat down and learned how to do such a thing.


I posted the demo on my Facebook page, and just hours later we’re up to over 15 shares and over 250 views. I even got a few messages from people I have never known before, asking when the app is going to be available on the app store


So what’s next? I created a simple call to action, and asked those who are interested in being a part of our beta to contact us at Just 15 minutes later, I received our first email.





Train is a social fitness platform that will be the centralized source for sharing workouts.

View the demo at

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Written by georged

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